About us


One day my Maa was feeling a little down, she told us that she did not have a purpose beyond her family. As a young girl, she was at the top of her class at school but her education stopped at the age of 17 to get married and move to England. We knew very well that cooking was her way to express herself and share with others, she was revered for it.

As her son, I started this website to help her purpose so she could share her recipes and her spice/herb blends.

Arjun Thandi
Maa (mum) showing her cooking

Mother of Spice

We chose to call ourselves Maasala, deriving from two words, Maa meaning mother and Masala is the spice blend that is added to many of our Indian dishes for flavor and our health.

Maa is the source of our family, she nourishes and promotes our well being.  Maa also refers to Mother Earth, the great provider, from which all beings come from and return to, Ancient sciences reveal to us that we are microcosms of our Earth, as we recognize its cycles so we recognize ours too.  We must learn to look after our bodies with a mother’s love.  That is why we are called Maasala.  


Growing up we had to think about the pennies, but we always ate the best because Indian cooking is healthy and really good value and that is something we really want to share with people

Each and every person should be able to eat and eat well.

“Food is more than just energy, it affects our state of consciousness.”

To start with we are sharing our Maa’s Punjabi authentic home recipes, they are a balance between healthy, tasty, and good value, many of which are deceptively easy to cook too!  But we equally are going to be looking across the world to recipes where we can incorporate the magic of our sacred spices.  

Spices are also for flavoring but more so they have properties that help our digestion and well-being.
Blends like Gharam masala are made with select spices and proportions for this purpose. These blends go back thousands of years and link with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. We want to share the true value of these Spices and ancient knowledge.  They can help to improve your health and save on the pennies and without sacrificing the enjoyment of food.

Indian cooking is an enticing alternative to meat-based food.  In a world where we are increasingly aware of the pressures of meat farming and it’s global impacts we want to do our bit in promoting vegetarianism, that’s why we only have vegetarian recipes, we are not against meat, we are just really pro-vegetarianism!  

Meet the Team

Maasala is a real team effort, each one of us driven by a desire to contribute something healthy and meaningful to our world.

Team hands

The ceremony of food

The secret ingredients that transform food into heartwarming food are intention and attention.  We want to promote these ingredients by encouraging home-cooking, contrary to the takeaway and fast food culture.  The fast foods fit in well with the stressful lives that many of us lead in but they have removed us from our former culture of food that helps us to create memories and bonds with one another. 

We are coining a term to help visualise a movement back to our roots where we socially celebrate and appreciate food and cooking, The ceremony of food’.  Read this article to find out more about how ceremonies can be a part of our everyday lives.