Cooking with spices

The Ceremony of Elixir

An Elixir means two things to me, how it is made and how it is drunk. The how it’s made is about using good ingredients

Show of Unity

Coronavirus: Meaning in the chaos

One way or another everyone in the world is infected and/or affected by the Coronavirus. My life the same as everyone else has turned upside

Organic tomatoes

My Organic Rabbit hole

After years of experimenting with food, and learning from ancient wisdom and modern science I gained full confidence with the adage, “you are what you

Family holding hands

Ceremony of Food

Eating is the most life affirming act after breathing. It is deep rooted in our primal make-up that powerfully influences our fears, joys, health and

paneer aka cottage cheese

Cheesy ways to make Paneer

It’s very easy to make homemade Paneer (an Indian cheese related to the Cottage cheese). You can follow our very easy to follow recipe at this