Our values

What gets us up in the morning?

Everyone at Maasala is motivated by creating a better world.  Our first motivation is better health, selling quality ingredients and sharing knowledge about they can improve our lives.  We are creating a business that is sustainable.  Profits are important but not at the expense of our natural resources and the environment.


We are passionate about sharing the true value of spices and herbs. They increase our well-being in every area, from helping to de-stress to increasing energy in our lives.

True & wholesome profit

We don't want to be a burden on our planet. We are paying attention to the entire supply chain of our products, from seed to plate. We work with suppliers and partners who feel the same. We choose conscious packaging that is recycled/recyclable and avoid plastic whenever possible. Our spices/herbs come in packets that are made from compostable material instead of plastic.


Ceremony is at the heart of what we do, seemingly a forgotten art, often lost to ritual and in the histories alongside our indigenous peoples. We want to bring it back into our every day lives to create more meaningful lives and for mindful eating. Read more.

Working for mother earth

We are always trying to emulate nature, constantly evolving and trying to do things more efficiently. We see that this often creates win-win results. Our subscription model started out as an idea to reduce our footprint on deliveries but it also helps us to save costs and helps our ingredients to be more fresh! So now we also encourage our customers to purchase more on a subscription through a reward system that results in planting trees.