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to your life

Make eating a ritual experience

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Our Spice sachets are bio-degradeable, compost with the rest of your waste.
We use recycled/recyclable packaging.

Return to ceremony

It's about connecting, with our food, ourselves and each other.
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Food for well-being

Quality Spices and Herbs help the body to absorb nutrition, digest food, and improve metabolism, and they also taste the best too! Shop

Our Recipe Kits

From an Indian family tradition that wants to share the secret ingredients that transform food into heartwarming food … Intention and Attention

Saag paneer

Try and Enjoy Home Cooking with our Recipes!

Let’s bring back the ritual of appreciation, gratitude for food and cooking and sharing together.
From easy-beginner to difficult-chef level.

Spices are medicine

In Ayurvedic (Science of Health) traditions spices play a fundamental role in aiding our digestive systems and thereby our well-being.

We source from the best suppliers and provide them freshly ground to our customers.

Organic turmeric powder

A Ritual for every meal occasion

Eating alone, having dinner with family or friends… let’s make meals a special moment, feel and share gratitude and better connect with food!


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My Organic Rabbit hole

After years of experimenting with food, and learning from ancient wisdom and modern science I gained full confidence with the adage, “you are what you

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A life long student of mind, food and health. It’s become my dream to make healthy and tasty food accessible to more people. I want to share the knowledge available, in particular Ayurveda, that recognises your unique constitution.

I am a firm believer in “you are what you eat”. It’s true what we put in our body is destined to become us physically but perhaps even more importantly what we ingest can have dramatic impacts on out thoughts and psych too.
Arjun Thandi