About Maasala

About Maa

One day, my Maa was feeling a little down she heavily told us that she did not have a purpose beyond her family.  As a young girl she was at the top of her class at school but her education was stopped at the age of 17 to get married and move to England.  

We knew very well that cooking was her way to express herself and share with others, she was revered for it.  

As her son, I started this website to help her purpose so she could share her recipes and her spice/herb blends.

Maa (mother) is the source of family, she nourishes and promotes our well being.  Maa, in India, also is a name for mother earth, the great provider, from which all beings come from and return.

Maa (mum) showing her cooking

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To live in harmony with the earth.  We emulate nature in our continuous improvement to finding the best way to conduct our services with the end goal of having a positive impact on the world, because neutral is not enough.

  • We are using compostable and recycled/recyclable materials and compensating
  • Compensating Earth by planting trees and encouraging our customers to do the same 
  • Encouraging re-fill on subscription basis.
  • Organic goods only.
  • Fairtrade whenever possible.

Spices and health wisdom

Indian spice blends are rooted in the most ancient health system, Ayurveda.  It informs of the importance of maintaining well functioning digestive systems.  Food is digested in the element of fire (Agni), Spices stoke this fire and this is why they are deemed essential in our foods, they play a fundamental role in aiding our digestive systems and thereby our well-being.   


Vegetarian food that delights

Using spices in cooking can easily help to create enticing alternatives to meat-based food.  In a world where we are increasingly aware of the pressures of meat farming and it’s global impacts, we want to do our bit in promoting vegetarianism, that’s why we only have vegetarian recipes, we are not against meat, we are just really pro-vegetarianism! 

The ceremony of food

The secret ingredients that transform food into heartwarming food are intention and attention.  We want to promote these ingredients by encouraging home-cooking, contrary to the takeaway and fast food culture.  The fast foods fit in easily with the stressful lives that many of us lead in but they also remove us from our traditions of food that create and sustain bonds with each other.  We are coining a term to help visualise a movement back to our roots where we socially celebrate and appreciate food and cooking, The ceremony of food.


Our service

With this website, my family and I are honored to share with you our traditional recipes as well as contemporary ones, and a place where you can rely on purchasing authentic spices, like our Gharam masala blend.

Enjoy and be inspired to make your own variations of the recipes, just remember to share, and maybe we can together bring back the ceremony of food!